Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29, 2016

Welcome to the last day of class in our exploration of climate change and food security. We will start our class with a special guest who has worked at the Utopia Project campus in Yopal.

1. After our guest speaker we will discuss the observations that you collected yesterday. For this exercise think about the urban environment of Bogota, the neighborhood, and Universidad de La Salle. We discussed the different scales of the atmosphere from the micro-scale (1-100 m) to larger macroscale (>20 km). Think through what causes the differences in temperatures and how it can create microclimates. Below is the weather station measurements
and the second team's infrared temperatures

Where was it the warmest? Coolest? Why?
What materials were the warmest? Coolest? Why?
What are the largest surfaces by area and what were their temperatures?

2. Discuss assignment on your weather event
Have volunteers talk about their experience
Discussion on options for adaptation
Discussion on options for mitigation

3. Reflections on this class
What behavior changes will you make with the information gained from this class?

4. Evaluation of part B of this class
What did you like about this class?
What suggestions do you have for this class?

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