Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Welcome to World Food Security: Elements of Climate and Climate Change!

This two week course is divided into two portions, where I teach one and Dr. Mick O'Neill teaches the other half. You will have four lectures in my classroom and four in Dr. O'Neill's class. During the transition between the two classes, we will hold a two-day hackathon that will give you an opportunity to put into practice what you learned in the lectures.

We went over a lot of material today but it was a pleasure meeting all of you. In our short time together in this class I hope to get to know you a little better.

Here is the first set of lecture slides from today: PDF of slides

Class project information
You class project is to identify a past weather event that you have experienced and identify vulnerabilities based on your research. Pick a weather event that you can find information on when it occurred, what it affected, and who it affected. This document explains the project in some detail. We can discuss the project more during class. You are welcome to bring questions to class on Tuesday.
Your homework that is due on Thursday is to complete part 1 of the project.

Remember to set up your Twitter account and start tweeting about our class starting Tuesday. The requirements are to include @nmclimate in your post and the hashtag #LaSalleClima16. Use my twitter account to see examples of other people tweeting about the weather and the climate.

Here is a fun video that I took on my way to Bogota from the airplane at more than 36,000 feet.


  1. the video was a lightning storm?? cool is really dark :)

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  2. Yes it was a night time storm over the Caribbean Sea and had much lightning activity. It looked more impressive in person and the video does not show the true beauty. All I had available was my iPad at the time.